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Are you looking to organize an event in a unique venue, specifically in Lyon? Look no further! You are in the right place!

Organizing an event in Lyon can be as exciting as it is complex. With a multitude of event spaces available, how do you decide which one is ideal for your occasion?

Whatever the concept of your event, Lyon has possibilities to offer you.

Whether you are organizing a corporate seminar, a professional event, a gala, or team-building activities, impeccable planning will allow you to offer your guests an exceptional experience in places full of character and unforgettable.

So, read on to discover our selection of 10 event venues in Lyon

Why choose Lyon for your event?

The diversity of venues

Lyon, the capital of gastronomy, is renowned for its historical and cultural richness, which is reflected in the variety of venues and event spaces it offers. A multifaceted city, with districts like Part-Dieu, or Old Lyon. Each district has distinct establishments that can accommodate various types of events (seminars, congresses, evenings, business meals). Whether it's modern meeting or conference rooms, estates, castles, villas, or private gardens for receptions, Lyon has the perfect space for every occasion.

The atmosphere of the city of Lyon

The historical and picturesque ambiance of the heart of Lyon, rich in history and nestled near a park, adds a unique touch to professional events, offering a memorable experience to your guests. Whether your company is organizing a reception, seminar, congress, or any other kind of event, the various establishments near Part Dieu or other downtown districts offer a multitude of venues to realize your concept in France, the land of light and culture.

Types of event venues in Lyon

Conference and meeting rooms

For corporate events, seminars, or executive meetings, the conference rooms in Lyon offer a perfect fusion between cutting-edge technology and elegant architecture. Located in the heart of the city or near the center, these rooms are perfectly equipped to meet the needs of any demanding organization.

Gardens, parks, and estates

For those looking for a unique venue, Lyon does not lack gardens, parks, and estates, including castles with outdoor spaces for receptions or team-building in natural light. These spaces allow you to organize professional events or corporate evenings in a natural setting, while offering your partners and participants decoration enhanced by lights and natural elements.

Restaurants and Lyonnais bouchons

For a less formal meeting or a company evening, the bouchons and restaurants in Lyon offer an authentic culinary experience in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These are establishments perfectly suited for companies wishing to combine work and relaxation, while impressing their clients and partners with the rich culinary tradition of France.

How to choose the perfect event venue in Lyon?

Understand the needs of your event

Each seminar, meeting, or evening has its own criteria in terms of capacity, facilities, and location. Before diving into the search for rooms or establishments in Lyon, it is crucial to identify its specific needs to ensure the smooth running of your professional event.

Evaluate the capacity and facilities of the venue

In the context of organizing seminars or congresses in Lyon, make sure that the establishment or room selected is able to accommodate all the participants. In addition, check that the necessary equipment for the success of your event, such as light and technology, is available and operational.

Consider the location and accessibility

The location of the workplace or meeting room must be at the heart of considerations. It is important that this space is easily accessible for all guests, including those coming from afar. Consider a location close to accommodation options, guest houses, or hotels, to facilitate the movement of participants. In addition, some places may offer the additional charm of a nearby park, which can be an advantage for some corporate events...

Top 5: Event Venue Lyon

Each event space in Lyon has its own magic. Here are our top 5 picks:

La Sucrière

A former industrial warehouse located in the Confluence district, La Sucrière has been transformed into a modern space for art and events. With a flexible surface composed of numerous rooms and contemporary architecture, it is the ideal place for avant-garde or artistic events.

Le Château de Montchat

For those looking for a touch of elegance and classicism, the Château de Montchat offers a historical setting for various events, from weddings to business conferences or seminars. The gardens of the castle are an additional asset, perfect for outdoor receptions.

Espace Confluence

Located in the trendy Confluence district of Lyon, Espace Confluence is a unique venue that can be adapted for different professional events, including seminars, company evenings, and receptions. The establishment is perfectly equipped with modern meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces for businesses

Matmut Stadium de Gerland

For large-scale events, Matmut Stadium offers a variety of spaces, including modern conference rooms and private lodges for your seminar. The stadium itself can also be used for sports events or concerts.

L'Opéra de Lyon

For those looking to add a touch of sophistication and culture to their event, the Opéra de Lyon offers several privatizable spaces, including the foyer and the Grand Hall itself. It is an exceptional choice for luxury galas or receptions.

Each of these venues presents a unique set of facilities, room configurations, and atmospheres, ranging from contemporary spaces to historical sites. This diversity gives you the freedom to choose a venue that not only meets the logistical needs of your event, such as capacity or technological equipment, but also offers the specific ambiance you wish to create.

Whether it is for a formal seminar requiring a conference room equipped with the latest technology, or for a gala evening in a more sumptuous setting. You will find in Lyon a range of options suited to your needs and those of your guests.

How to book an event venue in Lyon?

Online research and finding the ideal venue for your seminar in Lyon

To organize your evening, reception, or seminar in Lyon, the first step is to do an online search. Many establishments and specialized rooms are listed on dedicated websites, allowing you to compare rates, capacities, and facilities of each workplace or reception center.

Visit event venues

After narrowing down your list of potential venues for your gala or seminar in Lyon, it is crucial to visit these establishments or rooms in person. This gives you the opportunity to check if the space meets your expectations and specific needs in terms of layout and ambiance.

Finalizing the booking of the center

Once you have found the venue that meets your criteria for seminars or company evenings, the last step is to finalize the booking. Make sure to read the contract in detail before signing it, to make sure that all the conditions suit you.

Organizing your event in Lyon

Advance planning

The key to a successful event lies in good preparation. This involves coordinating with the venue, arranging on-site logistics, and communicating with participants.

On-site logistics

On the day of the event, everything must be ready on time. This concerns the setup of equipment, the preparation of the rooms, and the reception of guests.


With a variety of venues suitable for seminars, meeting rooms, and other professional occasions, Lyon offers a multitude of options to meet your event needs. By clearly identifying your requirements and conducting thorough research, you are assured of finding the ideal room to make your seminar or event in Lyon a success.


What is the best event venue in Lyon?

It all depends on the nature and scale of your event. Each venue has its strengths, so first determine your criteria.

How much does it cost to rent an event venue in Lyon?

Rates vary depending on the size, location, and services offered. An online search will give you an idea of the costs.

How can I book an event space in Lyon?

Most venues can be booked online. You can also contact the establishments directly.

Is it necessary to visit the venue before booking?

Yes, it is strongly recommended to do so to ensure that it meets your expectations.

What facilities are generally provided by an event venue in Lyon?

Most offer basic facilities such as tables, chairs, and audio-visual equipment. Some may also offer catering or lighting services.


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