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Rennes, the dynamic capital of Brittany and Ille-et-Vilaine, is renowned for its excellence in organizing seminars and business meetings. This city offers a variety of seminar rooms suitable for all types of events, from intimate meetings to large conferences, in settings that combine history and modernity. These spaces, available for meeting room rentals, are equipped to meet the diverse needs of businesses, whether for small workshops or large corporate gatherings.

Why choose Rennes for your seminar ?

Opting for Rennes in Ille-et-Vilaine means choosing a strategic location that facilitates access for people coming from different regions of Brittany, such as Saint Malo or Vannes in France.

The city is not only easily accessible by car or via SNCF, but it also offers modern infrastructures ideal for all types of events. A meeting room in Rennes, located both in the city center and in the periphery like Cesson Sévigné, is perfectly equipped for seminars, training sessions, or conferences.

Moreover, with its varied options for a seminar room, Rennes allows the organization of professional events ranging from simple meetings to more significant gatherings, thus ensuring a conducive environment for the success of each event.

The top 5 seminar rooms in Rennes

Château des Pères

Nestled in a lush green setting, the Château des Pères is a preferred choice for organizing a seminar in Rennes, combining work, relaxation, and cookies. The rental meeting rooms in this historic location are equipped to meet modern business needs, offering an inspiring and practical setting.

Ideal for brainstorming sessions or strategic meetings, the château also offers team-building activities in its sculpture park, facilitating team cohesion in a relaxing environment. The room rental here allows for the hosting of corporate events, weddings, or conferences, with all the necessary services for a successful reception (rooms).

La Fabrique

Located in the heart of Rennes in France, La Fabrique stands out with its ultra-modern infrastructures. This seminar website is perfect for companies looking to impress with state-of-the-art technologies.

Its modular rooms can be configured for various types of events, from training sessions to product launch seminars. The space also offers the possibility of organizing afterworks or informal meetings, with a dedicated team providing a customized service for each occasion.

Domaine de Cicé-Blossac

At the gates of Rennes, the Domaine de Cicé-Blossac offers a peaceful space for seminars away from urban hustle and bustle and quiet rooms. The vast seminar rooms overlook calming natural landscapes, ideal for professional meetings or training workshops.

The estate also offers outdoor team-building options, allowing teams to recharge and strengthen their team spirit. Additionally, employees can enjoy the domain's restaurant facilities for business meals or relaxation breaks.

Le Couvent des Jacobins

In the historic center of Rennes, the Couvent des Jacobins combines heritage charm with modern functionality. This convention center can host a wide range of events, from small meetings to large conferences, thanks to its multiple rooms and state-of-the-art equipment. Seminar organizers will appreciate the flexibility of the spaces, the quality of catering services, and the easy access from the city center, making each event unique and meeting business expectations.

Parc Expo Rennes

For large-scale events, the Parc Expo de Rennes is a must. Its modular spaces and capacity to host thousands of people make it ideal for fairs, exhibitions, and large seminars. Located near major transport routes, including the SNCF station, the exhibition center offers easy access, a wide range of room configurations, and turnkey services to simplify the organization of any large-scale event.

How to choose the right room in Ille-et-Vilaine ?

Selecting the perfect room in Rennes for a seminar or meeting in Ille-et-Vilaine depends on multiple essential factors such as the size of the event, the required technical specifics, and the accessibility for participants.

It is advisable to visit the rooms beforehand to assess if the proposed spaces meet the event's needs.

Discussing with seminar room managers can provide insights into available services, such as audiovisual equipment, catering options, or possible room configurations. This approach ensures not only that the chosen venue is adequate but also that it meets expectations in terms of functionality and comfort.

Organizing a successful seminar in Rennes

To guarantee the success of a seminar in Rennes, meticulous organization is essential. This starts with booking a suitable room, ideally including modern equipment and being easily accessible for participants coming from different parts of Brittany or elsewhere.

Incorporating relevant team-building activities and planning afterworks can also play a crucial role in participant engagement while creating a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to exchanges. Logistical aspects such as coordinating with catering service providers, arranging room accommodations if necessary, and managing breaks during sessions should also be considered to ensure a seamless experience.

Additional services influencing the choice

Additional services offered by a seminar room in Rennes can often be a determining factor in the venue choice. Quality catering, on-site accommodation options, and access to cutting-edge technologies for presentations and conferences are appreciable assets.

These elements add significant value to the event, addressing not only logistical needs but also enhancing the overall participant experience. People may look for rooms offering flexibility in organization, such as the possibility and consent to privatize spaces or customize decoration and layout, to reflect the company's brand image and achieve the specific objectives of the event.


With its diverse options and dynamic setting, Rennes is a prime destination for seminars and professional gatherings. Whether in a château or a modern business center, every organizer can find the room that perfectly meets their needs and those of their event.


Seminar room Rennes: Questions for a seminar in Ille-et-Vilaine

Which meeting room offers the best team-building options in Rennes ?

The Domaine de Cicé-Blossac, located on the outskirts of Rennes in Ille-et-Vilaine, stands out for its vast green spaces and sports facilities, perfect for team-building activities.

This space allows people to combine work and relaxation, promoting team cohesion through various outdoor activities. Whether for a team-building workshop or a day of relaxation, this estate offers an ideal setting for all types of group activities, enhancing the success of a seminar in Rennes.

How do the rooms in Rennes facilitate international meetings ?

The Couvent des Jacobins, in the city center of Rennes, is equipped with simultaneous translation technologies and offers multilingual reception services, thus facilitating international meetings.

This modern conference center, located near historical sites and the train station, ensures easy accessibility and navigation for people coming from different regions and countries, ensuring the smooth running of conferences and meetings in Rennes.

What are the advantages of privatizing a venue in Rennes for a corporate event ?

Privatizing a venue like the Château des Pères in Rennes offers not only exclusivity but also complete customization of the event. This allows people to organize a seminar, meeting, or even a corporate evening that is fully tailored to their needs and preferences.

Privatization also ensures confidentiality and total control over the organization and conduct of the event, from business meals to team-building activities, creating a unique and memorable experience for all clients.

Can large-scale events be easily organized in Ille-et-Vilaine ?

Yes, venues like La Cité des Congrès de Nantes, accessible from Rennes, are perfectly equipped to host large events with numerous collaborators. With meeting and conference rooms capable of accommodating thousands of people, these spaces offer the flexibility and equipment necessary to organize seminars, conferences, or large-scale exhibitions. Rennes' proximity to cities like Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel also adds to the appeal for large corporate events, combining work and tourism.

What catering options are available in seminar rooms in Rennes ?

Seminar rooms in Rennes offer a variety of catering options to complement the seminar and meeting experience. Establishments like the exhibition center and the Radisson Blu Hotel offer customized catering packages, ranging from light buffets to sit-down meals, tailored to dietary preferences and event requirements. These options, combined with high-quality services, ensure that every aspect of the seminar is taken care of, contributing to the success and satisfaction of clients and participants.

Regarding catering, do not hesitate to ask your collaborators in Brittany if they have partners under commission. The goal is to arrange a meeting between your team and the partners' team to organize the functioning of your afterwork, wedding, or meeting room rental. The search for a restaurant for the reception hall will be facilitated.

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