Top 10 event schools in Paris

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Are you looking for a business school or event management school in France, and more specifically in Paris? Look no further, this article presents the top 10 event management training establishments in Paris, meeting the highest standards of quality and reputation.

Some of these establishments offer bachelor's to master's-level programs, enabling students to acquire in-depth skills in sectors such as event communications, logistics, fashion, design, strategy, tourism, luxury goods, hospitality and project management, preparing them for exciting and diversified careers in the event industry.

Paris is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city that offers many opportunities in the events industry. The city's event management training establishments have extensive experience in the field, and offer high-quality post-baccalaureate training programs to meet students' needs.

Whether you have a baccalaureate or a higher diploma, there's a school to meet your event management training needs. So don't hesitate to consult our list to find the school that matches your expectations and ambitions in the world of event management.

The most renowned event management training establishments in Paris

The International School of Event Management

The international School of Event is one of the best post-baccalaureate event management schools in Paris.

It offers a wide range of courses, from bachelor's to master's degrees, with specializations in event organization and project management, event communications and event marketing.

Institut Supérieur d'Événementiel

The Institut Supérieur d'Événementiel (ISE) is another renowned school in Paris, offering bachelor's to master's degrees.

It offers baccalaureate-level courses in event management, communications and public relations.

Students can choose between a sandwich course or an initial course to develop their skills in this exciting sector.

École Supérieure de Communication et de Publicité (ESCP)

The École Supérieure de Communication et de Publicité (ESCP) is an institution renowned for its bachelor's to master's degree programs in events, communications and advertising, located in Paris.

It offers a comprehensive program enabling students to acquire the skills needed to organize and manage events of all sizes.

École de Commerce et de Culture Générale

The École de Commerce et de Culture Générale (ECCG) in Paris is a versatile school offering bachelor's to master's-level courses in event management, marketing, communications and management.

Its program is designed to prepare students for a successful career in the events and communications sector.

Institut de Formation et d'Enseignement pour les Métiers de l'Événement (Training and Teaching Institute for Event Management)

IFEME in Paris is a specialized school offering bachelor's and baccalaureate courses that open doors to the event industry.

Students benefit from practical and theoretical training to develop their skills and know-how in event organization.

Other key event management training establishments

École Supérieure des Métiers de l'Événement (ESME)

ESME sur Paris offers courses from bachelor's to master's degrees in event management, communications and management.

It offers a complete curriculum to enable students to specialize in the field of their choice.

The Institute of Event Management

The Institut de Management de l'Événement (IME) in Paris is a school renowned for its Bachelor's to Master's courses in event and management management.

Students can choose between several courses to develop their skills and expertise in event organization.

École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (ENSATT)

ENSATT in Paris offers courses for all levels, from Bachelor to Master.

Students can specialize in various areas of the performing arts, including stage direction, set design, sound design, playwriting, lighting and stage management.

The events in which students are trained can take many forms, from traditional theatrical shows to more experimental performances.

Institut des Métiers de l'Événement et de la Communication

IMEC in the capital offers a variety of courses to suit all levels of study, from bachelor's to master's degrees.

The programs on offer enable students to develop their skills in event management, communications and marketing, while specializing in specific fields such as sport, culture or tourism.

IMEC students are supervised by industry professionals and have the opportunity to put their skills into practice through internships. This top-quality training enables them to acquire the skills they need to become competent and versatile event professionals.

L'École des Nouvelles Compétences en Communication

Students can follow post-baccalaureate training programs to become event project managers, com specialists or public relations managers. Degrees range from Bachelor's to Master's.

ENCC is recognized by the official journal of higher education and is located in the capital, giving students easy access to the many professional opportunities the city has to offer.


Choosing an event management training school in Paris can be a key step towards a successful career in the event industry, whether in culture or other sectors.

The schools offer recognized certifications, and the courses enable students to familiarize themselves with the city's various event venues, such as the Palais des Congrès and other prestigious venues.

Business schools can also offer event training courses, offering modern workspaces and state-of-the-art equipment.


1. Is it possible to take a work-study course in event management with a company?

Yes, several event management training establishments in Paris offer work-study programs, enabling students to work in a company while continuing their studies. This enables them to gain valuable professional experience and partly finance their training.

2. What skills are needed to succeed in the events industry?

To succeed in the events industry, it's important to have a good knowledge of com, organization and management of a project or several projects. It's also essential to be creative, flexible and able to work under pressure.

3. How do I choose the best event management school in Paris?

To choose the best event management school in Paris, it's important to take into account a number of factors, such as the school's reputation, the quality of teaching, internship and work-study opportunities, and career prospects. Don't hesitate to visit school websites and attend open days to get a better idea of the courses on offer.

4. What is the impact of internationalization on training in event management?

The internationalization of training courses in event management enables students to acquire skills, knowledge, requirements and a certain strategy, which will be useful for working in an international context where requirements are numerous.

This can include online courses in a foreign language, on-site academic exchanges, or internships in a foreign location. International training courses are particularly interesting for those wishing to work in international companies or projects such as tourism, fashion and the hotel industry, especially luxury hotels.

The certification obtained through these international training courses can make all the difference to employers, guaranteeing the skills and knowledge acquired by students. In the events sector, foreign language skills are a major asset for working on international projects.

What's more, as fashion is a constantly evolving sector, international training courses enable students to keep abreast of international event trends.

5. What are the career prospects for a public relations project manager?

There are many career opportunities for a PR CDP. This professional can work in communications agencies, consultancies, companies, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, associations, the media and more.

They can occupy a variety of positions, such as events project manager, communications officer, press attaché, PR manager, etc.


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