Top 10 event agencies in Strasbourg

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I am delighted to welcome you to a discussion on the best event communication agencies in Strasbourg.

What makes an agency an excellent place for event production? Let’s listen closely.

Cohesion of event agencies

Why Hire an Event Agency ?

These companies are essential for conveying an event concept from ideas and turning it into reality.

From creation to production, they assist in organizing exceptional events that stand out.

Selecting an event communication agency specialized in an event

Choosing an event communication agency is not easy. Many factors must be considered, such as the agency's experience, creativity, cohesion with suppliers, and project management skills. But don't worry, we’ve already sorted it out for you!

Thanks to our team of collaborators, our attentive listening skills, and our extensive network in Alsace and across France, we have insight into the agencies that excel in event communication.

Whether it’s organizing seminars, conferences, evenings, or inaugurations, our strategy ensures efficient management and measurable success.

Our website provides an overview of successful projects and event launches like team building, seminars, or store openings. Our clients, varied companies, trust us to manage their events, both online and in person.

Managing and supporting these events requires innovative minds and solutions tailored to each company, strengthening the solidarity of their teams.

The inauguration of our new site in Strasbourg testifies to our success-oriented strategy and client satisfaction.

Top 10: Strasbourg event agency

Looking for the perfect organization for your events in Strasbourg? Here’s our top 10 event agencies operating in the city.

  1. ELLEORGANISE - Strasbourg, France

With a team of collaborators dedicated to executing your projects, ELLEORGANISE specializes in the custom design of event solutions.

  1. Event & Com - Strasbourg, France

In the heart of Strasbourg, Event & Com emphasizes trust and communication. Their goal is to make your event a powerful message.

  1. Passe Muraille - Strasbourg, France

Passe Muraille offers an innovative concept in event management. Ideas are developed in France, in Strasbourg, for custom event solutions.

  1. INNOV'events - Strasbourg, Alsace

INNOV'events, located in Strasbourg, Alsace, provides unparalleled organization for your event project.

  1. Au Trente Deux - Strasbourg, France

Au Trente Deux combines the charm of Strasbourg with flawless organization to ensure your event’s success.

  1. Cosm - Strasbourg, France

Cosm brings out the best of Strasbourg through the meticulous organization of seminars and other events.

  1. Acte 5 - Strasbourg, France

Acte 5, based in Strasbourg, is known for its impeccable organization of each event project.

  1. MK 4 Event - Strasbourg, France

Rely on MK 4 Event’s solid organization for a unique event in Strasbourg.

  1. Fox Travel - Strasbourg, Alsace

Fox Travel, based in Strasbourg, excels in the meticulous organization of events, offering memorable experiences.

  1. MGN Events - Strasbourg, France

MGN Events, in Strasbourg, offers high-level organization for your event project.


In conclusion, orchestrating events doesn’t need to be a source of trouble. By relying on competent event agencies, setting up memorable events is within reach. Choosing an agency from our top 10 can only lead to a wise choice.

This is where the word “event” comes in: an event is not just an occasion; it's an experience, a celebration, a moment you want to make unforgettable. By calling on one of these renowned agencies, you opt for excellence in the creation and execution of your project.

Which agency among these giants will catch your eye for your next event design?

Each event is unique and requires special attention, boundless creativity, and solid expertise. It is crucial to choose a partner who will understand and realize your vision. By choosing an agency from our selection, you opt for quality, innovation, and professionalism.

Thus, your next event won’t just be another event on the calendar but a memorable experience that will resonate in your guests’ minds for a long time.

Therefore, make your event a captivating show, an exceptional rendezvous that leaves an indelible mark. In this light, choosing an event agency is a crucial decision, as they represent your partner in creating memorable moments.

Remember, a great agency doesn’t just organize an event; it tells a story, your story.

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Pauline Ramier

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