Top 10 event agencies in Marseille

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Discover the leading players in event management in Marseille, a city with diverse and numerous venues. The PACA region is rich in expert event agencies, some of which stand out.

Our list of ten highlights these quality actors in the event landscape.

Among them, one company stands out for its comprehensive service. This project leader takes care of your events from A to Z, whether it's a corporate party, a gala, or an inauguration. Creativity is at the heart of their services, with an extra dose of originality in their entertainment.

Another agency is the ideal partner for your seminars and incentives. With its network of service providers throughout France, including Aix en Provence and the Alps, it offers tailor-made solutions for guaranteed success.

Evening events are well-covered by a specialized agency. Thanks to its partners and the availability of various types of lounges, it ensures memorable evenings.

One of the major players stands out for its long-standing partnerships with federations and associations. Its comprehensive project management ensures the value and enjoyment of your event.

Networking is also at the core of these agencies' services. One of them is a true ally for your corporate network, offering a range of trips and events aimed at strengthening the bonds between colleagues.

Finally, one agency specializes in high-end events for clients seeking premium services. Their strict rules guarantee flawless execution of your corporate party or seminar.

The best event agencies in the PACA region (French Riviera, Bouches du Rhône department...)

In the PACA region, several agencies stand out for their expertise and creativity in event organization.

1. Vogue Agency

Based in Marseille, Vogue Agency is renowned for its unique communication. With a diverse client portfolio, this agency is known for the original animation of its events.

Its dedicated team frequently organizes captivating conferences, further solidifying its role as a leader in the industry.

2. Organik

Another prominent communication agency in Marseille, CED stands out for its user-centered approach during each event.

The team uses their expertise to plan unforgettable conferences for their clients.

3. Activ Provence

Activ Provence, an event agency based in Provence, is appreciated by businesses for its expertise in seminars and team building.

Led by a talented team, Activ Provence, based in Marseille, excels in organizing conferences and events for companies looking to enhance team dynamics through stimulating activities.

4. Sound Light Events

Sound Light Events, an agency with a strong eco-friendly image in Marseille, focuses on responsible communication during its events.

Based in Marseille, Sound Light Events offers environmentally conscious conferences, where respect for the environment blends with the creativity of its team to create unique events.

5. Moon Event

Moon Event, a Marseille-based agency, organizes events that reflect the essence of Provence while maintaining effective communication.

In Marseille, Moon Event combines the charm of Provence with the efficiency of its team to plan remarkable conferences and events that reflect the cultural richness of the region.

6. Com&co

The strength of Com&co, a communication agency in Marseille, lies in its ability to organize events for its clients.

The Com&co team, based in Marseille, understands the specific needs of each client, creating tailor-made, stimulating, and engaging conferences and events.

7. Yellow Wings

Yellow Wings, based in Marseille, is an agency specialized in visual communication during events.

Established in Marseille, Yellow Wings employs innovative visual communication during its conferences, with its experienced team ensuring the success of each event.

8. Jalis Events

Jalis Events, a Marseille agency, offers integrated communication for companies during their conferences and other events.

The team at Jalis Events, located in Marseille, takes an integrated approach to conference organization, creating memorable and highly interactive corporate events.


HB ART is a Marseille-based agency that combines communication and art to deliver unique events, enhancing participants' experience.

Based in Marseille, the HB ART team combines communication and art to create distinctive conferences and events that leave a lasting impression on each participant.

10. ZAD Agency

Lastly, ZAD Agency, with its dedicated team in Marseille, specializes in team building and communication to provide tailor-made events to clients in Provence.

ZAD Agency, located in Marseille, stands out with its specialized team in team building. They organize customized conferences and events to provide an enriching experience for each participant.

Each agency has its own approach to projects, but all emphasize the quality of communication to ensure the success of their events.

Conclusion of the ranking of event agencies in Marseille

Why choose an agency from our selection

Our choice of agencies in Marseille is based on their expertise and unique know-how, their ability to create customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

These event agencies, with their dedicated teams, represent the cream of the crop in Marseille.

Choosing your ideal agency

Every event, whether it's a seminar, a trade show, an inauguration, or a gala, is a unique occasion, just like every project.

That's why placing trust in an event agency that can understand your goals and offer personalized service is crucial. The project manager, a key figure, bridges the gap between the agency and the company to ensure high-quality organization and communication.

The Marseille and Aix en Provence region, extending to the French Riviera and the Alps, is filled with partners and collaborators ready to contribute to the image of your event. The implementation of entertainment, thanks to these partners, enriches the event and promotes team building.

The world of event communication, concentrated in the Bouches du Rhône region, has a team of communication agencies that stand out for their willingness to meet all the needs of their collaborators.

Thanks to their creative abilities and high-quality service, these agencies have inspired confidence throughout France.

In conclusion, event agencies in Marseille, with their strong image and solid reputation in organizing seminars and other events, are excellent conductors for the modern business. They provide their skills for event creation and communication, creating a positive image for the company.

Their dedicated teams work closely with the company to make every project a success.


Which is the most efficient seminar agency in Marseille to organize my event?

This depends on your specific needs. Each agency, especially in terms of seminars, has its strengths.

What is the cost of engaging an event agency in Marseille for my event?

Prices vary depending on the size of the event and the requested services.

How can I get in touch with these seminar agencies?

Most of these agencies have websites where you can find their contact information.

Do these agencies organize events, especially seminars, outside of Marseille?

Indeed, most of these agencies are ready to operate in different cities.

Does an event agency offer catering services for an event?

Some of these agencies offer catering services, but not all of them. It is recommended to contact them directly for specific details.

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