Top 10 best event animations to dazzle your guests

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Organizing an event for your company, whether it's a corporate party or a professional trade show, event planning can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to carefully choosing each animation to entertain and dazzle your guests.

To help you with this task, our specialized event animation agency has selected the top 10 best animations for launching your events, including team building performances and innovative technologies, that will capture your audience's attention, reinforce team cohesion, and create unforgettable memories during your corporate party or any other professional event.

Musical animations

Live Orchestra

Make the right choice with an event animation to offer your guests a quality musical experience with a live orchestra and its team of entertainers. They can enjoy the music and dance all night long, whatever the occasion, be it a birthday or any other type of event.


If you prefer a more affordable electro atmosphere, opt for a DJ who can make a difference and get your guests moving on the dance floor with a selection of suitable musical products. Don't forget to ask for photos of their performances to get an overview of the final product.

Artistic animations

Magic Show

Including an event animation with a professional magician-entertainer will amaze your guests during launches or conventions with incredible magic tricks, combining innovative design and production, following trends and the culture of the moment.

Circus performances

Hire circus artists to offer animation with breathtaking acts such as acrobatics, juggling or aerial acts, capturing the attention of your guests and encouraging their participation for a memorable experience.

Interactive animations

Creative workshops

Call on a specialist to offer creative workshops, such as painting, pottery or sculpture, during an evening, seminar, trade show, conference or event. Encourage your employees' creativity and offer them the opportunity to leave with a personalized souvenir, designed thanks to the provider's expertise.

Virtual reality games

For your events and seminars, offer an immersive experience to your guests by calling on a specialized company in virtual reality games. Transport your employees into fantastic worlds and bring their desire and choice of exploration to life with an innovative concept and animation, and a well-thought-out project.

Culinary animations

Cooking demonstrations

Call on a specialized agency in event animation to invite a chef to carry out live cooking demonstrations during your event. Attract the attention of your participants and share tips and advice to ensure the success of your performance with the public.

Tasting workshops

Organize tasting workshops during event animations with the help of an expert provider to introduce your guests to new flavors and surprising food and wine pairings. Adapt the type of product and animation according to the image of your event and the expectations and objectives of your participants.

Technological Animations

Service Robot

Impress your guests by integrating a service robot that will distribute drinks or appetizers to participants during events.

Interactive Photobooth

Offer a photobooth equipped with augmented reality or special effects to create memorable and fun memories.

Sports Animations

Sports Simulator

As part of event animation and to meet your company's goals, offer your guests the opportunity to try different sports through golf, car racing, or skiing simulators. These innovative animations will adapt perfectly to your events such as seminars, project launches, or corporate evenings.

Sports Tournaments

Organize sports tournaments such as petanque, foosball, or ping-pong to stimulate competitiveness and team spirit among your guests during your professional events. These animations, adapted to any type or field of event, will strengthen team cohesion and leave a lasting impression.

Team Building Animations

Escape Game

Integrate an escape game into event animation to encourage cooperation, reflection, and teamwork during your seminars, project launches, or corporate events. This playful and immersive activity will help strengthen your company's image and objectives.

Construction Activities

As part of professional event animation, offer bridge, tower, or catapult construction activities to encourage your guests to collaborate and solve problems together. These challenging challenges, adapted to different projects, will promote team cohesion and leave a lasting impression in companies.

Fun Animations

Casino Evening

Turn your event into a casino evening with game tables like roulette, blackjack, or poker.

Expression Wall

Set up an expression wall to allow your guests to share their thoughts during the evening, their ideas or drawings related or unrelated to the project.

Eco-Friendly Animations

Creative Recycling Workshops

Raise awareness among your guests about the environment by offering creative recycling workshops as animation to create objects from recycled materials during an evening or event.

Tree Planting

Organize a tree planting animation or activity to offset the carbon footprint of your event and leave a lasting legacy.


By wisely choosing one or more of these event animations, taking into account different cultural types and domains, you are sure to ensure the success of your event and entertain your guests.

Don't hesitate to work with an experienced partner for setup and decoration to meet your expectations, participant requirements, and adapt these ideas to your desires and audience, whether for an inauguration or a professional event.


How to choose the event animation for my events?

It is important to consider your audience, goals, and budget to choose the most appropriate animation for your events.

How much do these event animations cost?

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the animation, duration, and number of guests. It is recommended to contact several service providers to obtain personalized quotes.

Is it possible to combine several animations?

Yes, you can combine several animations to offer a varied and entertaining moment to your guests.

How to integrate eco-friendly animations into my event?

You can opt for animations that promote recycling, waste reduction, or environmental awareness, or offset the carbon footprint of your event by planting trees.

Can I personalize the animations based on my theme or industry?

Yes, most event animation service providers can customize their offerings to suit your specific needs, theme, or industry.


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