Table and chair hire: how to choose the right one for your event

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Why rent furniture for your event?

The advantages of renting tables and chairs


Renting furniture for the event, such as a round table and stools, allows for great flexibility, particularly in Picardy.

Indeed, you can adapt the number of people, tables, and chairs according to each need and change the style according to the theme of the reception.


Renting equipment, including table rental, avoids having to store and maintain your own equipment.

Rental companies take care of maintenance and ensure that everything is in good condition for the reception.

Variety of choice

Renting allows you to choose from a wide catalog, including buffets and other reception materials, to find the table or chair that best suits the event.

Economic aspect

Furniture rental is often less expensive than purchasing, especially for one-off events (a wedding...), and the results are undoubtedly up to expectations.

Choosing the right supplier

Service quality

It is essential to choose a reliable and professional company for event furniture rental, which will pay attention and respond to each need, whether for a conference, wedding, or party in Picardy...

Reviews and recommendations

Consulting online reviews and asking for recommendations from friends or colleagues can help you find a good supplier for decoration and the use of polypropylene furniture material.

The range of products

It is important to choose a supplier offering a wide range of products, in order to have a varied reception, such as chairs for conferences or tables for a wedding.

The price

Comparing quotes between different companies is essential to find the best offer and respect your budget, whether for a one-off or regular rental.

What type of furniture to choose?


Different shapes and dimensions

There are several types of tables for events: round, rectangular, square...

You will need to take into account the available space, the number of people, and the necessary equipment for the decoration of weddings, parties...

Materials and accessories

Tables and stools can be made of wood, plastic, metal...

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

Consider aesthetics, resistance, and weight when making your choice.

Each chair cover adds an extra touch of decoration, while garden furniture adapts to outdoor receptions.

The price

Comparing prices between different options is essential to find the best offer and respect your budget when renting equipment for your events in Picardy, in particular, or elsewhere.


Chair styles by a specialist

There are a multitude of stool styles, from the most classic to the most modern.

Choose chairs that match the atmosphere of the event and with round tables or not.

Comfort and practicality for table rental

Don't forget to take into account the comfort of the chairs to ensure the well-being of your guests and adjust the quantity according to your needs.

Folding chairs can be practical for facilitating transportation and installation. Call on a specialist to guide you in choosing the chairs and tables suitable for the event.

Tips for a successful rental

Plan the event well

Establish a precise plan for the event, taking into account the number of guests, available space, and allocated budget.

Adapt the furniture to the available space

Make sure to choose tables and chairs suitable for the space you have to avoid circulation and congestion problems.

Think about transportation and installation

Find out about the delivery and installation services offered by the supplier.

Make sure the furniture can be transported and installed without any problems.


Choosing the right table and chair rental for the event is essential to guarantee its success.

Do not hesitate to inquire, compare offers and take into account the advice given in this article to make the best possible choice.


Can I rent furniture for an outdoor event?

Yes, most suppliers offer equipment suitable for outdoor events in their quotes, such as in a garden.

Make sure to choose weather-resistant materials.

How far in advance should I book the furniture?

It is recommended to book the equipment as early as possible, especially during periods of high demand (weddings, parties...).

Can I rent equipment for a multi-day event?

Yes, most table rental suppliers, including round tables, offer rates tailored for multi-day rentals.


Zoé Larhant

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