PSG ticketing : How to find the best priced tickets ?

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Are you a fan of Paris Saint-Germain and dreaming of attending a match at the Parc des Princes? You're not alone! Finding tickets at the best price can sometimes be a challenge. This article will guide you through PSG ticketing to help you find the best seats at the most advantageous prices.

Whether you're looking for search results for a football match or events like the crazy days of pop legends, it's important to plan well. For the current season, sign up for email alerts from ticket offices. Whether it's to see Edouard Baer in Lille at the Palais des Congrès or enjoy Paris Plage, every search should be well-targeted to meet your needs.

What is PSG ticketing ?

PSG has a service that allows supporters to buy tickets for Paris Saint-Germain matches. It is essential for fans wishing to support their favorite team live from the stadium.

Importance of ticketing for supporters

Attending a PSG match is a unique experience. Ticketing plays a crucial role in allowing supporters to access matches, thus creating an incredible atmosphere at the Parc des Princes. Attending a Paris Saint-Germain match is an unforgettable football experience.

Every ticket purchased for the club's matches is a gateway to intense emotion. Whether it's at the Parc des Princes or Lou Le Transbordeur Villeurbanne, the result is always a passion shared by all. In France, PSG supporters form a passionate community, united by their love for the club. Whether it's a football match or an event with monkeys, the passion remains the same.

Buying tickets

Where to buy tickets for PSG ?

Tickets for PSG matches can be purchased through several channels: the club's official website, physical sales points, resale platforms, and specialized travel agencies.

Different sales channels

Official PSG website : The online site is accessible from the club's official website. It is the safest and most reliable means.

Authorized resellers : Platforms like Ticketmaster or Fnac offer tickets for matches.

Peer-to-peer resale : Sites like Viagogo or StubHub can be used to find tickets, often at variable prices.

Tips for finding tickets at the best price

Sign up for the PSG newsletter : Receive alerts on sales and special offers.

Buy in advance : The earlier you buy, the more likely you are to find tickets at reasonable prices.

Compare prices : Use different ticketing sites to compare prices.

Types of tickets

Tickets for Ligue 1 matches

Tickets for Ligue 1 matches are generally the most accessible and vary depending on the importance of the opponent.

Tickets for Champions League matches

These tickets are in high demand and often more expensive. They offer an unforgettable experience watching PSG face the best teams in Europe.

Tickets for Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue matches

Less in demand than Champions League tickets, these tickets offer an opportunity to attend high-intensity matches at more affordable prices.


Factors influencing ticket prices

Ticket prices depend on several factors, including the opponent, the importance of the match, and the seating location in the stadium.

Price comparison : home vs. away

Tickets for home matches at the Parc des Princes are often more expensive than those for away matches.

Seasonal subscriptions

Subscriptions offer access to all home matches of the season at a preferential rate. They are ideal for regular supporters.

The Parc des Princes

History and capacity of the stadium

The Parc des Princes, with a capacity of nearly 48,000 seats, is PSG's iconic stadium. Inaugurated in 1972, it is a historic site of French football.

Experience at the stadium

Attending a match at the Parc des Princes is experiencing an exceptional atmosphere with supporters' chants, tifos, and the excitement of the match.

Tips for supporters

How to prepare for your visit

Arrive Early : To avoid queues and enjoy the pre-match atmosphere.

Transport : Use public transport to easily access the stadium.

Ticket resale

If you cannot attend a match, platforms like Ticketmaster allow the secure resale of your tickets.


Attending a PSG match is an unforgettable experience. By following these tips, you can find Paris Saint-Germain tickets at the best price and fully enjoy your passion for football at the Parc des Princes.

Whether you are in France or elsewhere, supporting your favorite club in Paris remains a passionate and unmatched experience. Supporters, united by their love for Paris Saint-Germain, create a unique atmosphere, whether for a match or an exceptional event with a monkey.


How to buy tickets online ?

Visit the official PSG website or authorized resale platforms like Ticketmaster.

What are the prices for Ligue 1 matches ?

Prices vary depending on the opponent and seat location, but generally start around 30 euros.

Can you buy tickets on match day ?

It is possible to buy tickets on match day, but it is recommended to buy them in advance to guarantee your place.

What are the advantages of subscriptions ?

Subscriptions offer access to all matches at the Parc at a reduced rate and exclusive benefits for loyal supporters.

Where are the best seats at the Parc des Princes ?

The best seats are often located in the lateral stands, offering an optimal view of the field.



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