How to create a typical mobile application for your event?

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Introduction to Imagina, one of the best applications for event management,

In a world where technology is omnipresent and smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives, it is essential to take advantage of the benefits offered by the best mobile applications to improve event management and meet your customers' expectations. Whether it's for organization, marketing, QR code check-in for visitors, or support for project managers and back office, event applications have become a must-have tool.

Whether you are organizing a music festival, a professional conference or a trade show, an event application can help you achieve top efficiency and customer satisfaction.

That's why we introduce you to Imagina, an innovative platform specialized in the creation of event apps.

Discover in this article how Imagina can help you easily create a custom online mobile application for your events, by offering features adapted and customizable to your specific needs.


Why choose Imagina for your event?

Choosing Imagina as a solution for creating mobile applications for the management of face-to-face events has many advantages. This turnkey platform distinguishes itself by its approach focused on the user experience, both for the organizers and for the visitors.

Imagina facilitates the implementation of an online mobile application tailored to your event, by providing you with a user-friendly space and features specifically designed to meet your needs.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface on mobile devices

The Imagina app is quick and easy to use, thanks to an interface designed for event organizers, even without advanced technical skills.

The creation of your app is done in a few clicks, allowing you to save time and to focus on the organization of your events and on your customers.

Imagina's library of features

Imagina offers a wide range of features to cover all aspects of your events.

Here are some examples of what you can integrate in your application:

Ticket and registration management

Simplify the registration process and ticket management for your participants, with secure payment options and the ability to generate electronic tickets.

Event schedule and agenda

Provide your visitors with a clear and detailed overview of your event program, including speaker information, schedule information, and location information.

Interaction with participants

Make it easy for attendees to interact with each other through networking, messaging and discussion forums.

Communication and promotional tools

Communicate effectively with your audience before, during and after the event with push notifications, surveys and integrated promotional tools.

How to create an application with Imagina?

Creating an event app with Imagina is a quick and easy process that takes place in four main steps.

We guide you through these steps below to help you build the perfect app for your event.

Step 1 : Register on the Imagina application

The first step is to go to the Imagina website and request a demo.

You will be put in touch with a person who will set up the application with your help.

You will have access to your personal dashboard, from where you will be able to start the creation of your app.

Step 2: App Setup

Choosing the theme and colors

Start by selecting a theme and colors for your app.

Imagina provides several pre-designed theme templates, which you can customize according to the colors representative of your event.

Adding features

Continue by adding the potential features you want for your application by choosing from the modules available in the Imagina library.

Each functionality is presented as a module, which you can add, modify or delete according to your mode of use.

Customization of the interface

After selecting the potential functions, customize the interface of your application by adding graphic elements, icons and images.

Also organize the layout of the modules to provide an optimal user experience.

Step 3: Content Management

Adding and editing event information

Once you have configured the look and feel of your app, move on to content management by adding your event information, such as dates, location (map), speakers and partners.

Push notifications management

The Imagina platform also offers the possibility to manage push notifications to communicate with the participants in real time.

Step 4: Publishing the application

Finally, once your application is fully configured and the content added, decide with your project manager when to publish the application.

You'll get a custom application for your events, equipped with the right features and a personalized interface, guaranteeing a successful customer experience for your participants and a top brand image.

Key features of Imagina for events

The Imagina platform offers a set of key features specifically designed to meet the needs of the event project manager.

Here are some of the most relevant possibilities to optimize the experience of the participants and facilitate the organization of your events.

Ticket and Registration Management

The management of guests and sponsors is simplified thanks to Imagina, which allows participants to purchase their tickets, register for workshops or conferences and receive email confirmations directly from the web application.

This feature contributes to improving the user experience and facilitating the registration process.

Program and agenda of the event

Imagina allows you to present the complete program of your events in a clear and organized way. Participants can view the details of each session, workshop or conference, and add event management to their personal schedule.

This feature helps optimize the planning and participation of your event participants.

Networking and interaction with participants

The Imagina platform encourages networking and interaction between participants by offering possibilities such as user profiles, discussion spaces, polls, opinions and questionnaires.

Communication and promotion tools (social networks)

The Imagina app also provides you with communication and promotion tools to help promote your event.

These solutions facilitate the diffusion of information and contribute to the success of your events.

By combining these key solutions, Imagina offers a complete and adapted solution to event organizers, allowing them to create a customized and efficient app to offer the best possible choice to participants.

Imagina the event app that improves your brand image

In conclusion, the Imagina app is an essential tool you need for any company or organization looking to create a mobile application dedicated to an event.

The solutions offered by Imagina are adapted to all types of needs of project managers, whether it is for managing guests and sponsors, promoting the event, interacting with participants or networking.

In addition, the use of QR codes allows you to differentiate your event and offer a VIP experience to your participants.

By using Imagina, you can create a powerful and customized mobile application, while respecting the date of the event.

Finally, one of the key advantages of Imagina is its affordability compared to creating an application from scratch or other similar platforms, offering a competitive solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

In short, the Imagina app is the tool of choice for any company looking for an efficient and effective solution to create a typical mobile application for their event.



Is Imagina suitable for all types of events?

Yes, the Imagina app is designed to be adapted to all types of events, whether they are conferences, trade shows, festivals, concerts or sports competitions.

A plus: the project manager can for example integrate QR codes for quick check-in or information in English for foreign participants. In addition, training courses are available to help organizers use the tool effectively. Attendees can also schedule online meetings with other attendees before the event to maximize their experience.

How much does it cost to create an application with Imagina?

The cost of creating an application with Imagina varies according to the solutions chosen and the number of participants in your event. There are many subscription formulas: the platform offers several subscription formulas to adapt to your budget and your needs.

Is it possible to test Imagina before committing?

Yes, you can test the platform and discover its features before choosing a subscription.

Is Imagina compatible with iOS and Android operating systems ?

Yes, Imagina allows you to create mobile applications that are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, so that your participants can access your event from any device.

How does Imagina differ from other event management apps on the market in terms of networking and appointment management features?

Imagina stands out from other apps on the market because of its user-friendly and comprehensive environment for organizers and attendees.

It offers a fast and efficient check-in system, an interactive map to facilitate navigation in the event, and advanced networking features allowing participants to make appointments with speakers or other attendees, thus promoting exchanges and the creation of long-lasting professional relationships.


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