Magic show: how to choose the perfect magician for your event

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Are you planning a special event in the Paris region and dreaming of amazing your guests with entertainment that is both original and unforgettable?

Whether it's a performance for adults or a magic show for children, the world of magic offers a multitude of options to captivate your audience.

Hiring a professional magician from Paris, such as Eric Antoine or Viktor Vincent, could be the ideal solution for bringing to life that connection between reality and imagination.

Whether you want a breathtaking show with magic tricks worthy of the greatest wizards or a fascinating mentalism performance that captivates children's eyes, invoking the mysterious powers of the mind, the key to success lies in choosing the perfect host for your performances.

In this article, we guide you step by step through the various criteria for choosing the ideal magician, capable of transforming everything so that your shows are a magical moment.

From close-up magic to grand illusions, including magic shows for children and performances with animals such as lions, we help you navigate the world of magic and mentalism to make your magic shows a real success with the audience.

Why hire a magician for your event

Create a unique atmosphere

A magician adds a touch of mystery and wonder to your show, whether it's for children or adults, in a venue, on a dedicated site, or at a festival.

In the show, each magic trick, illusion, and feat by the host will captivate your guests and create a unique and friendly atmosphere.

For example, on tour, the magician may offer levitation acts, providing an unforgettable entertainment experience that will evoke laughter and amazement among your guests.

Interactive entertainment

Unlike other forms of entertainment, such as theatre, magic is often interactive and caters to the whole family, from children to adults.

The host involves the children in his tricks, creating a deeper connection with the audience and a memorable experience for all.

This choice of animation, blending pleasure, poetry, and mystery, is an important criterion to consider when selecting a show for each child and adult.

A memorable memory

Magic shows in Paris, whether presented by renowned artists such as Viktor Vincent, Eric Antoine, Fabien Olicard, Gus the illusionist, Herve, Francky Pnose Giorda Giorda, or other talented illusionists, leave a lasting impression on guests.

Magic tricks and surprising moments, inspired by emblematic figures such as Louis Pasteur or magic shows such as the musical "Magie Artiste" and the Majestic Compiegne Cinema in Paris, will make your magic show memorable and give your guests something to talk about long after the evening has ended.

The different types of magicians

Close-up magician

The close-up magician, whether you find them in Paris, Puget-sur-Argens, Clermont-Ferrand, Bar-le-Duc or elsewhere, specializes in close-up magic.

This type of entertainer is ideal for cocktail parties, dinners, and receptions, including shows such as the musical "Magie Artiste" in Bar-le-Duc, where guests are standing or seated in small groups.

Stage magician

The stage magician, like Eric Antoine from Paris, offers a traditional stage magic show, suitable for all audiences, whether it's for children or the whole family.

Their show is designed to be seen by a large audience and often involves props and illusions, such as disappearances, levitation, or other spectacular acts.

This type of entertainer is perfect for shows with a stage and a seated audience, such as theatre, gala evenings, magic shows in a venue, or a festival, where laughter and wonder are guaranteed.


In Paris, as elsewhere, the mentalist specializes in magic tricks that explore the capabilities of the mind, such as telepathy, prediction, and mind reading.

This type of artist is ideal for shows where you want to surprise and intrigue your guests with extraordinary mental experiences.

By choosing a magic show suitable for all audiences, whether it's for the family or a group of adults, and by hiring talented illusionists, you are sure to create a memorable atmosphere.

For example, in a Parisian theatre, spectators and children can enjoy an exceptional magical moment.

Don't forget to book in advance to ensure the best possible choice for your show.

Children's magician

The children's magician offers magic shows adapted for the youngest, with simple, fun, and interactive magic tricks.

For example, during a festival or the musical "Magie Artiste" in Paris, child spectators can marvel at the disappearances and feats of artists such as Viktor Vincent.

This type of magician is perfect for children's birthdays, school parties, family events, and many other occasions where children's entertainment is essential.

By taking the time to choose the right artist for your show, you guarantee an unforgettable moment suitable for both children and adults.

How to choose the right magician for your magic shows

Define your needs and expectations

Before choosing a magician, determine the type of magician among all magicians, that best suits your show and your guests.

Think about the atmosphere you want to create and the type of entertainment that will appeal to your guests.

Watch demonstrations

Most professional magicians and illusionists have demonstration videos of their shows, like the musical "Magie Artiste".

Watch these videos to get an idea of the magic show style and the magician's talent, and check if it matches your expectations.

Compare rates

Find out about magicians' rates and compare them to find the best value for money.

Don't forget to take everything into account, such as travel expenses and any additional options offered by the magician (sound system, lighting, etc.).


Choosing the perfect magician for your show, whether it's in Boulogne-Billancourt, Laval, or Bonchamp-les-Laval, takes some time and thought, but it's worth it to offer your guests an unforgettable experience.

By following the guide and tips mentioned above, as well as exploring specialized websites, you are sure to find the magician who will amaze and entertain your audience.

Whether you want to create connections between guests with interactive magic tricks, provoke laughter and happiness with a comedy show, delve into the history of magic with disappearing and reappearing acts, or surprise your guests with hypnosis demonstrations, every detail has its place in the treasure chest of your show.

Taking all these elements into account, you are guaranteed to choose the magician who will transform your show into a moment of pure enchantment.


What is the average cost of a magician for an event?

The cost of a magician varies depending on their experience, fame, and the duration of the show.

Rates can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

How far in advance should I book a magician?

It is best to book a magician several months in advance, especially if your event takes place during the peak season for parties and weddings.


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