The conference application: the innovative solution for your event


Speakers, schedules, appointments... The organisation of an event requires a certain amount of rigour. This is why innovations and solutions can be provided to facilitate its implementation. All-in-one software: the conference app to enhance your event.


What is a conference app?

A conference app is a medium specifically designed for professional conference events. It aims to share information with guests and speakers, facilitate meetings and keep you connected. 


This system is available on smartphones, tablets, iOS and Android devices, but also on computers from a browser. This allows users to access the videoconferencing platform, either online on the web or face-to-face, from multiple devices and thus follow the information and animations of the event online or face-to-face.


What can a mobile app do for a corporate conference?

The idea is to orientate the different types of people (partner companies, speakers, etc.), whether physically with maps, but also to make appointments for video meetings, a video teaser or to manage their agenda individually or in groups.


The information published is intended to meet the expectations and needs of each person attending the congress and to make them as independent as possible.


Who is the app aimed at for this type of event?

This system is aimed at speakers, participants and event organisers. Different people have different objectives and expectations. Each conference is possible in groups, regardless of size.


For the speakers, it may be a question of getting to know the event and the type of audience present at the physical event or the video conference on the Internet in order to adapt their speech.


As far as the participants are concerned, the main idea is to have as much information as possible about the event and the speakers so that they can organise their day and the things they want to participate in.


As far as the organisers of the event are concerned, they can inform everyone and collect information and data about the people attending. They can then consult and measure the performance of the conference thanks to the statistics automatically produced by the platform.


Why use an application for your conference?

The list of tools for organising an event can be long and multiplied according to the needs of each event project. The implementation of an event platform has several advantages, both for the organisers and for the participants.


Better management on a single tool

Using the ticketing system of one company, the surveys of another platform, the word cloud of another structure... It's a lot of work, investment and time scattered.


Setting up an app allows you to centralise all the data for you, the event organiser, and the participants, from a single provider (provided it offers such comprehensive categories of functionality).


This centralisation can also allow you to smooth out the information to find the strong points and areas of improvement for your next edition and satisfy a maximum number of guests.


Excellent collaboration with a single contact person

A single medium means a single contact person. This is an excellent way to facilitate and fluidify meetings on your needs concerning the implementation of the app within your project. Exchanges are possible by telephone meeting or by videoconference on the web.


If you wish to make changes to your event, such as the gauge, the presentation video, the times between speeches, the addition of speakers, etc., you can use the app to make these changes. You can then rely on the personalised support of a project manager at your service. The fact that you have a single company means that you don't get lost in the contacts.


A solution tailored to your needs

Platforms and applications exist that offer one service, or several, depending on your needs. However, sometimes the categories of services offered and the possibilities are not extensive and may not meet all your needs.


For this reason, it is important to consider your expectations beforehand in order to choose a medium that suits you, your conference and the participants.

Imagina's ever-growing range of functions makes it possible to create a comprehensive event application for your business events.

How to use the app for your group conference

Imagina's connected events app offers multiple categories of functionalities to best meet the different needs of your event. This app is complementary to the management of your project with a solution that will assist you in managing


  • interactivity with the participants,
  • the data of your event project,
  • information to be transmitted

All of these elements are brought together to ensure that your conferences take place in the best possible conditions.

The security of your event and your participants

Of course, the app cannot generate bodyguards to physically secure your event. It can, however, allow you to control who is invited with access control. This feature helps you to know whether people are allowed to access areas of your event or not.


Imagina's event platform, whether face-to-face or web-based, also allows you to set up a ticketing system to check people at the entrance to your event. This makes it easier for guests to keep their tickets close at hand throughout the event.


Registration for parts of your event such as round tables, physical or video conferences, etc. is possible with this software. This helps to manage the gauges and contributes to the safety of the guests, the speakers and your event as a whole.


If you wish, you can also use the conference app to send your invitation emails, reminders and confirmations to centralise information and not lose any data.


Facilitate meetings between your participants

A conference is an opportunity to have professional meetings to enrich your knowledge, your network and many other things. This is why meetings can be interesting to contribute to the success of your event, but also the objectives of the guests. Each meeting can also be conducted on video via conference applications.


Networking can also be a way for guests to chat with an instant messaging stream and the possibility to make meetings via video conferencing on the web to communicate or by phone call, even from a distance.


People also have the possibility to scan other people's badges in order to exchange their contact details and consequently be able to enrich their network or customer portfolio in a fast, smooth and simple way.


Imagina's software for physical events or videoconferences can thus allow you to propose matchmaking to guests, i.e. people can "match" according to affinities, interests, sectors of activity, etc. The idea is to create lines of contact that can be interesting for all stakeholders and that everyone's objectives are met.


The possibilities of personalised tools

In addition to the categories of possibilities presented above, event applications also allow you to create your own personalised diary according to the programme of your event and the appointments made for each person. It updates itself automatically to facilitate the management of each person.


Thanks to this system, you can send push notifications to your participants in their entirety, but also in a targeted manner so that people who have, for example, appointments or have registered for workshops, a new video published, etc., can be kept informed and not forget the different elements of your professional conferences.


In order to develop interactivity between you and the professionals invited, but also to develop areas of improvement for future editions of your conference, you can set up polls and satisfaction surveys to find out what they think and what needs to be improved about your event and the service provided.


An interactive map can also be deployed at your event venue to highlight strategic points so that participants can move around your venue independently.


To provide guests with as much information as possible, it is possible to create fact sheets to present the speakers, partner companies and sponsors of your professional event.


Questions, votes, polls: unlimited interaction

Categories of opportunities for guests to express themselves have their place in your professional event with a voting system or polls to find out their opinion and position on subjects raised during the event.


Question and answer software is an interesting tool to help users of the software to better understand certain elements of your event project and to answer questions relevant to the improvement of your congress.


A social network for your event is possible! A news feed can be set up for your event so that the people invited can post one or more videos, photos and text messages.


To increase interactivity between you, the speakers and the participants, the conference app can allow you to use tools such as word clouds, quizzes and competitions. These elements are important to make your event dynamic and to make sure that the people invited are fully satisfied with their presence at your event and feel that they have contributed to something. This feature can also help people ask questions at conferences and round tables to avoid public speaking.


In conclusion, the conference app is...

...a great way to communicate with the different stakeholders of your conferences. The idea is to be able to exchange all the information you want with all the people present, either globally or individually.


...a practical tool for event organisers, as it saves time and often money because it brings together different parts of the event. Event software can therefore save money on the organisation of the event.


...a complete solution to meet the different needs of your event and then of the stakeholders with a multitude of functionality possibilities. innovation for an improvement of the event management processes for event organisers allowing to enrich the databases, the knowledge and to centralise all information concerning their event project.




Frequently asked questions :

Can we connect the Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams platform and the Imagina app?

Of course! We can centralise all the platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams that you use to manage your event. 



Is the application available on all platforms?

Yes, you can download the app on iOS and Android from your smartphone or tablet. You can find these download links on Imagina or on Google by typing "Imagina application".



Do I need an iphone or ipad to access the conferences?

No, you can come in person if the event takes place in person. Otherwise, you can access it with any smartphone, not necessarily an iphone or ipad, to see the animations from your device.



When the questions or word clouds feature is used, where is it visible?

In live video, you can see the answers on the speaker's projection screen or on the screen of your device whether it is a smartphone, an iphone, a computer, an ipad or a tablet.



Do I need a specific license to participate in an event such as a conference via the Imagina app?

No, the platform is accessible without a specific licence, unless conditions have been set up by the organiser. 



Is it possible to make a recording of the animations and workshops during the event?

Yes, it is possible to record them with a special recording. We can use the recording of these elements to replay them on the app.



Can conferences only be replayed as video?

No, it is also possible to capture each conference in audio to make a podcast. This type of audio recording makes it possible to keep track of the activities and animations of the event and to broadcast it on the organiser's social networks to continue the communication between the different people.


How to improve communication with an audience at a professional event?

To improve communication and create a link between different people, it is possible to set up interactive games and workshops. Other tools such as satisfaction surveys can be of great help.


Can the Imagina conference application accommodate 300 people?

Of course it can! And even more. Our app can be adapted to your needs.


Nolwenn Perquis

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