Fibre: the importance of upgrading to fibre for an SME

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Nowadays, the Internet is an important and even indispensable element for the success of any business. Especially in business, the mobile data network is necessary to place orders, communicate between employees, contact business partners and more.

In this respect, the majority of companies adopt fibre optics in order to obtain the stable and fluid internet connection they need to carry out their activities. Why choose fibre over other networks? What are the advantages of fibre for a business? We'll take a look at this in this article, but first here's a brief overview of :

The evolution of internet connection networks
There are several types of networks for accessing the internet, but the most popular are ADSL, SDSL and fibre.

For many years, the ADSL connection was the most widely used in the home. At that time, it offered a much higher download speed than upload speed.

More efficient than ADSL, the SDSL connection offers the same data download speed as upload speed. This type of connection is recommended for activities that require a permanent exchange of data, such as streaming.

Fibre optics is the current Internet connection network. It offers the same speed of data transfer and reception and is far superior to ADSL and SDSL connections.

Currently, optical fibre is used in all sectors of activity. Its excellent connection speed enables many entrepreneurs to perform their tasks better. For farmers, for example, it can enable better monitoring of livestock or the setting up of a remote-controlled watering system for plantations.

The benefits of fibre for SMEs
Among the many benefits of using fibre for SMEs are

Increased efficiency of employees due to the good speed of the fibre connection
Using a good internet connection network within a company allows its employees to produce efficient results. Indeed, the excellent connection speed offered by fibre improves the search for information needed for certain tasks and optimises communication between employees, which contributes significantly to obtaining satisfactory results.

In addition, the use of fibre optics in a company can help to develop tricks that will allow the company to better respond to the demands of its customers. In the field of customer relations, for example, the company can set up a machine learning programme. This will allow the management of customer relations to be delegated to powerful software whose role will be to maintain natural conversations with customers who want to obtain further information on an offer or a service.

By doing so, the company can focus on more important tasks or assignments and save money.

It is a connection that is suitable for growing organisations
Do you want to grow your business, expand your activities, hire new employees or sign new partnerships? Then fibre is the connection you need. With fibre, your connection package can be upgraded to match your business growth.

For example, if your company has 5 employees when it starts and manages to grow to 10 or 20 over a period of time, then you don't have to change the type of network installed from the start.

With fibre optics, it is possible to adapt the internet connection according to the evolution of your company. It is therefore possible for a company with twenty or more employees to obtain a connection speed as good as that of a company with five employees. This makes fibre optics the preferred type of connection for companies that are expected to grow.

Allows the company to better protect its sensitive data
Another advantage of fibre optics for companies is data security.

Unlike other types of connection, fibre optics offers optimum security for your company's Internet network.

In fact, it is through the wi-fi or access points created by the company that cybercriminals very often pass to corrupt the security of the system.

Fibre optics is a wired connection method. Although it does not eliminate possible hacker attacks, it greatly limits them because access to the network from outside becomes more complex.

Moreover, thanks to fibre optics,

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