Corporate events: 5 tips to make them unforgettable

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I. Introduction

Organising a corporate event, such as a team building or business tourism meeting, can be a complex task, but it is possible to make it unforgettable with a few tips.

In this article, we will discuss the key steps to creating a memorable corporate event, from planning and communication to customisation and facilitation.

From turnkey events to various types of high-end events, our company will meet the expectations of our clients and partners for their greatest pleasure.

II. Choice of venue for corporate events

A. Original venue

Opt for an original and surprising venue that will make a lasting impression on your audience during meetings, seminars or other types of corporate events.

A castle, a rooftop, a loft or even a boat are all unusual places to create a unique and motivating setting.

B. Accessibility

Make sure that the chosen venue is easily accessible for all participants, whether it is a direct event or a product launch.

Consider proximity to public transport, parking, nearby accommodation and the function of the office in cities such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux.

Our solution offerings also include sustainability and wellness options to support a better quality of life and achieve the goals of these events.

C. Suggestion box

Do not hesitate to consult your audience and partners to collect ideas and suggestions to adapt the event to their expectations.

An idea box can be set up in your office or online to facilitate communication and propose innovative and adapted activities.

III. Planning a turnkey event

A. Upstream organisation

Good organisation upstream is essential to ensure the success of your event, whether it is a meeting, a seminar, a product launch or another type of event.

Draw up a timetable, define your objectives and assign roles to each member of the organising team.

Consider the setting, function and image of the event to ensure that it reflects your company's values and expertise.

B. Time management

Time management is crucial to avoid delays and unforeseen circumstances at an event or conference. Plan a clear timetable and stick to it throughout the event.

Make sure that employees have enough time to enjoy the activities and products on offer, while taking into account the working environment and ongoing projects.

C. Teamwork and trust

Encourage collaboration and trust between the employees involved in the organisation of the event.

The aim is to create an environment conducive to teamwork and the success of the project.

Organise parties, seminars or team-building activities to strengthen the links between employees and improve the service provided at the event.

D. Adaptability and flexibility

Be prepared to deal with the unexpected and adapt your planning to the specific needs of each type of event.

Provide resources and solutions to manage changes quickly and ensure a successful experience for all employees.

IV. Animation and activities

A. Team building

Offer team building activities to strengthen team cohesion and create common memories at company events.

Choose activities adapted to your audience, to the different types of corporate events and to your objectives.

These activities help to strengthen relationships between employees and collaborators, while providing a pleasant and stimulating environment.

B. Performance and entertainment

Call on artists or speakers to animate your event, whether it is a birthday party, a seminar, a party or another type of corporate event.

A magic show, a concert or an inspiring lecture will capture the attention of your guests and strengthen the bonds between the people present.

Animation is a key element in creating a friendly and dynamic atmosphere, thus contributing to the success of your event and the achievement of your objectives.

V. Restoration

A. Varied menu

Offer a varied and quality menu to satisfy the taste buds of your guests during corporate events, whether it is a seminar, a party or another type of event.

Don't hesitate to call on a professional caterer to ensure that the service you receive is beyond reproach, in keeping with the image and objectives of your company and your customers.

B. Vegetarian and allergen-free options

Consider offering vegetarian and allergen-free options to meet the needs of all your participants at your company's events.

Attention to these details will make a difference and help you achieve your goals.

Catering for the diverse dietary preferences of your employees and customers will help to strengthen the bond between people and create a climate that will help to ensure the success of the planned action and activity.

VI. Personalising corporate events

A. Theme

Choose a theme that reflects your company's identity and that will surprise your employees during your corporate events, whether it is a seminar, a party or another type of event.

The theme must be consistent with the whole event, from the decoration to the activity proposed, and contribute to the achievement of the objective set.

B. Decoration

Decoration is a key element in creating a unique atmosphere at your corporate event and enhancing the value of the products or services presented.

Be creative and do not hesitate to call on professionals to help you design a tailor-made decoration.

A personalised decoration adapted to the chosen theme with the aim of reinforcing the commitment of employees and clients, and to make a lasting impression during the different types of parties or activities organised.

VII. Communication

A. Invitations

Send out personalised and well-designed invitations to attract the interest of your guests.

Use an original design and remember to include all the necessary information (date, place, programme, etc.).

B. Social networks

Communicate about your event through social networks to create buzz and encourage participants to share their experiences.

Create a dedicated hashtag and encourage online interaction.

VIII. Post-event follow-up

After the event, do a post-event review with your team to analyse the successes and areas for improvement.

Don't forget to thank the participants and collect their feedback to prepare future events even better.

IX. Conclusion

Organising an unforgettable corporate event requires careful attention at every stage, from planning and customisation to entertainment and catering.

By following these tips, you will have the best chance of creating a memorable event and strengthening the cohesion within your company.

X. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average budget for a corporate event?

The budget depends on the size of the event, the venue, the activities and the catering.

It is therefore important to determine your needs and expectations to estimate the total cost.

How long does it take to organise a corporate event?

It is recommended to start preparations at least 3 to 6 months before the planned date in order to anticipate unforeseen events and to guarantee the availability of service providers.

How do you choose team building activities?

Team building activities should be adapted to the size of your group, the age of the participants and your objectives (cohesion, creativity, relaxation, etc.).

Call on professionals to help you choose the most suitable activities.


Pauline Ramier

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