The conference application: the innovative solution for your event

Last modification : 05/13/2024 05:10 PM

Speakers, schedules, appointments... The organisation of an event requires a certain amount of rigour. This is why innovations and solutions can be provided to facilitate its implementation. All-in-one software: the conference app to enhance your event.


What is a conference app? 📱

A conference app is a medium specifically designed for professional conference events. It aims to share information with guests and speakers, facilitate meetings and keep you connected. 

This system is available on smartphones, tablets, iOS and Android devices, but also on computers from a browser. This allows users to access the videoconferencing platform, either online on the web or face-to-face, from multiple devices and thus follow the information and animations of the event online or face-to-face.


What can a mobile app do for a corporate conference? 🤔

The idea is to orientate the different types of people (partner companies, speakers, etc.), whether physically with maps, but also to make appointments for video meetings, a video teaser or to manage their agenda individually or in groups.

The information published is intended to meet the expectations and needs of each person attending the congress and to make them as independent as possible.


Who is the app aimed at for this type of event? 🎈

This system is aimed at speakers, participants and event organisers. Different people have different objectives and expectations. Each conference is possible in groups, regardless of size.

For the speakers, it may be a question of getting to know the event and the type of audience present at the physical event or the video conference on the Internet in order to adapt their speech.

As far as the participants are concerned, the main idea is to have as much information as possible about the event and the speakers so that they can organise their day and the things they want to participate in.

As far as the organisers of the event are concerned, they can inform everyone and collect information and data about the people attending. They can then consult and measure the performance of the conference thanks to the statistics automatically produced by the platform.