Shopping malls

Discover how Imagina can offer a new visiting experience in your shopping centers, commercial events…


Inform your visitors

Your customers get information from your store in real time.

Inform them about the products and services you offer, your current offers, or your opening hours.

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Boost exchanges

Allow your visitors to interact.

Let them promote their favorite stores, attract more visitors or even relay your shopping mall on social networks.
Propose them to participate in contests and take part in activities.

Customize according to your shopping mall

Organize your content.

Highlight your stores, news and novelties from your shopping mall. Personalize the application in the colors of your shopping mall.

Improve with data

Obtain statistics from your shopping mall.

Identify the traffic and the time spent by your customers in each point of sale. Determine the flow of people and typical journeys/routes/trail of your customers. Analyze which stores are of greatest interest to your customers. Collect their responses to surveys to know their expectations and improve the customer experience within your shopping mall.

Alert with notifications

Push the information to your customers.

Inform your customers about a special event or promotion happening in your shopping mall.
Propose a satisfaction survey to your customers to find out their expectations.


Users are happy with the Imagina experience


Users perform a specific action through the notifications activated by the beacons.


Visitors download the app on average.

A universal application

The application is universal, the visitor can use Imagina in every connected partner shops without having to re-download a different application for each of their visits.

App Multisite

Imagina is usable in every partner shops. Finished disposable applications.



Never obsolete or abandoned. Constantly updated with new features.


Instantly available

No application to develop. Imagina is operational immediately.


Competitive rates

Cost optimization through the development of a single application.


A turnkey solution

Your schedule is already too busy to start a new project ? Don’t worry, Imagina takes care of everything.

Incorporated content

We incorporate 100% of the content. Personalized advice to provide the most relevant content.

Installed solution

We program, install our beacons and communication supports. No installation cost.

Managed application

You have access to your dashboard to manage your modules, your content and send your notifications.

Statistics sent

We generate regularly the statistical report of your shopping mall with guidelines of recommendations.